Attention all Yorkshire Greyface Dartmoor breeders, do you feel neglected, do you feel all
alone, do you want to show your sheep in gods own county, well don’t be despondent, we
have just had our first dedicated GFD classes at Heckington show in Lincolnshire and it was
a marvellous day (see report in this news letter).

I would like to see if I can get a similar venue up and running in my old home county so you
can show our wonderful sheep. If you are at all interested in showing please in the first
instance give me a call, it doesn’t matter if you only have a couple of sheep you would like to
show, five or six breeders with two sheep is probably enough to get started, and it will soon
become addictive and it will grow.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t shown before, don’t forget we all started with a few sheep and
bumbled along, I think my favourite part of showing is after the show when you all gather in
someone’s pen and have your grub, a brew of tea and a good old gossip about Dartmoor’s.
If I get a response I will approach a show in Yorkshire and put our case, just think this time
next year you could be stood in a line up of our little beauties in the sunshine next to your
favourite sheep being presented with a rosette.

The association will provide a friendly judge along with some champion’s rosettes. One
breeder in South Yorkshire had already promised to support us so we already have a start.
Give me a call on 01205 870270 and Graham or Jenny will have a chat, don’t forget it wont
happen without YOU!
Graham Hampstead, Flock 555.