DM 7195 CARDWELL 687

Born 2004 at Sydenham Damerel, Devon.

Died Thorny Hill, Corscombe  17 June 2014.

Bought by Sadie James and then in September 2007 by Freda Hennessy. He has lived at Thorny Hill since then. His temperament was so kind I couldn’t sell him on. To his last day he would talk to me (a low mooing sound) and come and help tackle the thistles and brambles when I was – he’d butt the thistles and eat the brambles.

He fathered many good lambs each year. His latest crop included triplets and twins – he’d not lost it! He lived out his life happily on the rough slopes at Thorny Hill. He got to know the area and the routine and passed his knowledge on to the new crop of ram lambs put in with him each year. He treated them as an old man would treat silly teenagers, very aloof. He had grown old – he had a wrinkled neck and a beer belly and spent lots of time just contemplating the view.

I found him peacefully dead under his favourite elder bush, no sign of disease or suffering.  He will be much missed.