Greyface Dartmoor Sheep Classifieds

There continues to be a strong demand for females, if you are a member of the DSBA you may post for sale and wanted on this site.

Prospective purchasers please be aware that the vast majority of registered sheep will have a small METAL ear tag bearing just 4 numbers if it is a ram and a sequence of numbers and letters similar to this: DM2009/073/01 if it is a female. Without the METAL tag, the sheep cannot be considered pedigree (there are a few exceptions) and are not eligible for registration with the Association. The Association does not offer a grading up scheme for non-pedigree sheep.

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West Yorkshire

Rob & Penny Paisley have a 16 month old Shearling Ram for sale. Naturally grown, grass fed, excellent conformation, in Heptevac-P system plus fluked and wormed. Also halter trained.  Rob & Penny are based in West Yorkshire. Please contact

Photo’s can be viewed on Facebook @westmoorhousefarm or online   

posted 20/8/19


Master William Jones has a stock ram for sale, 8753 Hillside 41, (2016 born) he has produced some lovely lambs in the flock, but it is now time for him to serve his purpose in a new flock as we have used him for 2 years. Please phone Steve (William’s dad) on 07970012763 or email

posted 11/8/19


Mrs W Perry has her own bred shearling ram for sale, 8843 Yardey 1 is got by 8434 Vespasian 33 out of a Vespasian ewe.
please contact Wendy on 01984 641811 or for further details.

posted 11/8/19