Greyface Dartmoor Sheep Classifieds

There continues to be a strong demand for females, if you are a member of the DSBA you may post for sale and wanted on this site. Please contact the Secretary to place an advert.

Prospective purchasers please be aware that the vast majority of registered sheep will have a small METAL ear tag bearing just 4 numbers if it is a ram and a sequence of numbers and letters similar to this: DM2009/073/01 if it is a female. However, from 2018 on, pedigree females are identified by a colour coded plastic tag with the year of birth and the flock number. Some rams born in 2020 were tagged with green plastic tags with the 4 numbers identifying the ram. Without the correct tag, the sheep cannot be considered pedigree (there are a few exceptions) and are not eligible for registration with the Association. The Association does not offer a grading up scheme for non-pedigree sheep.

For sale


Genuine flock reduction of the Alexis flock, consisting of 2 rams and ewes of mixed ages, including shearling ewes.  Please contact Deanne Cook on 01570 481155 for further details.
Advert posted 27/7/2021


An opportunity to purchase 6 well grown shearling ewes from the Kingfisher flock.  Vespasian and Hillside bloodlines.  £200 each, please contact Gilly Brugge on 07747 688 419 for more details.
Advert posted 26/7/2021


From the Hillside flock there are two x 3 year old ewes and 4 x shearling ewes.  These all have excellent conformation, are well marked and have very good coats.  The older ewes have all raised lambs and were excellent mothers.

Shearling ram, Hillside 57 DM9367 is for sale, he is well grown with a good coat and conformation.  He is quiet and friendly.  For more information please call Christine on 07990 778857 for more information about the females and the males.
Advert posted 7/7/2021


Shearling ram available from the Rhalt flock, sired by Cardwell 726, he is a friendly tup that comes to the bucket. Fully vaccinated with Heptevac-P and had Crovect applied at the end of May. Please email Katherine for more details:
Advert posted 2/7/2021

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