Market Report for Annual Show & Sale

Friday 30th August 2013


A large and varied entry of rams started proceedings at the Annual Show & Sale. As always plenty of demand for the best with the sought after bloodlines changing hands amongst the breeders, but also encouraging to see so many selling between 180gns and 300gns. The pre-sale show Champion topped the sale with a bid of 800gns (£840) for A & J Epstein of Crediton, who sold another at 700gns (£735). Mrs EA Dawson of Shrewsbury sold her best at £525 while Messrs MA Rickson of Honiton’s best rose to 450gns (£472.50). Messrs Harvey Bros of Roborough sold the pick of theirs for 400gns (£420) and Miss C Nugent of Salisbury reached 380gns (£399), Messrs Alford & Rogers of Tavistock reached 360gns (£378) and both JW Mead of South Brent and C Mortimore of Chagford reached 300gns (£315). Rams averaged a very respectable £245.77.

A substantial entry of 36 ewes met with a reasonably buoyant trade. Both Mr JW Mead & Mr C Mortimore reached £262.50 (250gns) with their best pairs of shearling ewes, with C Mortimore parting with another pair at £231 (220gns). JW Mead’s flock reduction saw other pairs at 200gns, 160gns (x2), 130gns & 120gns (x2). Also selling shearlings were Messrs G Greenborouh of Saltash reaching 180gns & 160gns and Messrs J & G Gatrill of Somerset achieving 140gns. Ewes averaged £173.65.