It is that time of year again with the nights start really drawing in and Christmas just around the corner, that my thoughts start to turn to lambing. By the time this reaches you my first lot of lambs will have arrived. The charollais flock lamb on the 4th December, they are all synchronised and will lamb in a few days of each other which makes for a busy time.

As you will see in the newsletter that we have appointed a new secretary at the 2013 AGM. It has been a very steep learning curve over the last few weeks for Yvonne but I am sure once things have settled down she will be a great asset to the Association. Contact details in the newsletter and on the web-site.

With regards to the web-site. I have been given the task of getting a new one up and running. It has been a long time in the talking process but I hope by the beginning of the show season a new one will be in place. It is a great advertising tool for attracting new members and also a place for getting information for existing members.

Thank you for all your replies regarding the inspection of ram lambs. As from the 2014 lambing season no inspections, unless a breeder specifically asks for one. The only exception to this rule will be new members who will have to have their ram lambs inspected for the 1st five years. This will be trialled for two years to see how it is working.

At the most recent council it was agreed not to do a flock return that normally comes out in December. There are issues, as only around 40 to 50% get returned and it does not give an accurate record. In future all the information will be collected on your registration form and this will form the basis of the flock book. This will be more accurate as nearly all members send this information in already to the secretary. With the registration form will be a guide on how to fill it and out and what information is needed. This will be useful for existing and new members alike so that we can get the most accurate information as possible.

This report can take a couple of goes at finishing. So since starting, lambing has just finished with the charollais’. Lambing has been one of the easiest I have known with 2 lambs per ewe and no loses which is a great improvement after the 50% loses last year due to Schmallenberg.

May I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Hope everyone has a good lambing and I look forward to seeing you at the shows next year.

Contact details 01840 230354 (no calls after ten in the evening as I do milk early in the mornings)!


Thank you!

John Osborne, Chairman