It seems summer has arrived and we all have been basking in glorious sun and really
hot temperatures. We as a family have been down to the beach more in the last week
than we have over the past probably 4 years in total!

With the hot weather brings its own challenges for sheep farmers. We all know the
basics so I am not going to harp on about them, but please make sure you check daily
for fly strike we have had a couple of cases and they happen very quickly in this type of
With this hot weather and going to shows make informed decisions. Take a few less
sheep so your box is not over crowded, also make sure all your air vents are open so
air flow can be maximised. You never know when a 1 hour journey can suddenly
become 2 hours due to traffic delays.

Sheep should always be the priority; I decided not
to attend a show as the temperature was 30 degrees.
The three county shows in the West Country were really well attended with Dartmoor
sheep. The weather for all three was sunny, which for Royal Cornwall was great as the
tent stayed intact this year and did not try and blow away. I will offer my congratulations
to Anne Rickson for winning the Interbreed Pairs competition against 19 other pairs of
sheep. It shows that Dartmoors can compete in the top echelons of the showing world
and it was great for the breed getting recognition at a top county show.

In this newsletter you will find an ad for the Secretary position for the Association, if you are interested or know anyone who is interested, please contact me and I will forward a 
job description.
A big thank you must be made to Rachael and John Gatrill for holding the open day at
their farm. It was very well attended with many new breeders coming along to look at
one of the largest flocks in the country of Dartmoors. I am told that the barbeque was
one of the highlights of the day!