Ram Lamb Inspection Form 2020

This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions we will not be sending inspectors out on farm and we are not able to hold any inspection centres.

We recognise that some members do need some guidance with selecting their ram lambs and we will be offering an opportunity for members to provide photos so the inspectors can guide members in their selection (or not).

Therefore, new members who wish to consider a ram lamb (maximum of 2) for registration/studding are asked to submit photographs or videos as follows. Please select your best ram lamb or best 2 ram lambs for the inspectors to assess.

• First check the teeth are aligned on the gum correctly.
• Check there are two testicles in the scrotum.

If the ram fails on the above, do not proceed any further with consideration of registration.

Please take good quality photographs or video as we can only assess what is clearly shown. When you take your photographs or video make sure you are down at the animal’s level so that a clear view of all these points is provided.
The following views are required

• Face and head, showing top of head and ears
• Front end showing legs and chest
• Back end showing legs, tail and scrotum
• Side view to show back, with lamb standing along the side of a hurdle to give an idea of size of the animal
• Close-up of fleece Please click on the google document link and complete the form and upload the relevant photo’s.

Once you have taken all the required photos or a video of all the ram lambs you wish to submit for registration click the button below to access the form. Please note you will require a Google account in order to complete the form, if you have any trouble with this contact us here

Ram Lamb Inspection Form 2020