Breed Points

Scale of Points for Greyface Dartmoor Sheep

There are some useful photographs in the attached document that do show good and bad points of the breed, please click on the link for details 

The following Scale of Points has been drawn up to assist breeders in their endeavor to perfect their Flocks. The figures in brackets ( ) denotes points scored.

FACE (15)

Medium length with good square mouth, expanded nostrils and nicely spotted or mottled with black or grey; eyes full and bright, head medium size, flat between the ears and well covered with good curly wool

EARS (10)

Medium in length (in proportion to size of sheep) thick and well covered inside and out with smooth white hair and if they have a few spots so much the better.  They should be nicely carried and tan coloured inside.

NECK (5)

Medium length arched round and strong where it joins the shoulder


Fairly wide on top and sloping


Deep wide and prominent

BACK (20)

Straight and level, loin wide, thick and flat, tail broad thick and well set up

RIBS (5)

Well sprung with good deep flank

LEGS (10)

Straight short and placed well apart with good bone,  hind legs should be well filled down with the flesh and covered with wool

FEET (5)

Should be large, with good joints and well spotted or mottled with black or grey to match the face

FLEECE  (20)

The sheep should be evenly covered all over with a coat of long curly lustre wool of wide staple and good quality, thick in the skin, which should be fine, soft and pink

Horns in a ram are to be considered rather objectionable but not to be a disqualification