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Greyface Dartmoor Sheep Classifieds

There continues to be a strong demand for females, if you are a member of the DSBA you may post for sale and wanted on this site.

Prospective purchasers please be aware that the vast majority of registered sheep will have a small METAL ear tag bearing just 4 numbers if it is a ram and a sequence of numbers and letters similar to this: DM2009/073/01 if it is a female. Without the METAL tag, the sheep cannot be considered pedigree (there are a few exceptions) and are not eligible for registration with the Association. The Association does not offer a grading up scheme for non-pedigree sheep.

For Sale

Genuine Flock Reduction – Cheshire

A unique opportunity to purchase some real quality Greyface Dartmoor breeding ewes and ewe lambs.  Bloodlines originating from Vespasian and Mudd’le flocks.  Lovely quiet sheep.  This is a genuine reduction sale. Please call Nicola Darlington on 07973 621 571 or email

Ewes and lambs – Northumberland

Gill Short has some females for sale, various ages of females including ewe lambs.  Please call Gill on 01434 673453 for more information.


Rams For Sale

From the Great Park Flock, a shearling ram is available.  This may well be the last from this flock as Mary and Rose are retiring.  These really are proper sheep – good fleeces; a true Dartmoor fleece from Chagford sheep.  Please call Mary Kirkham on 01647 432235

Shearling Ram for sale from Rob & Penny Paisley’s Westmoor flock, a well grown shearling ram, good conformation, excellent temperament with lots of character.  Halter trained. In the Heptevac-P system. Based on the North/West Yorkshire border, please phone 07940579833 or email

Devon – from the real Dartmoor flock at Sampford Spiney, Julie Vernon has a full mouth ram (2013 born) ram, Corland Park 62 for sale. A real good natured ram and only for sale as Julie has retained many quality females in the flock.  Please email for more details

NorthumberlandGood quality shearling and two shear rams available from the Litharge Flock, a flock that has been breeding quality sheep for many years.  Please call Gill Short on 01434 673453 for more information.

Wiltshire – Christine Nugent, Hillside Flock has two  rams for sale.  Real quality sheep from this well respected breeder.

Hillside 38 DM8553 born 2015, Sire is Corndon 125 and out of a Hillside ewe by Hillside 15

Hillside 41 DM8753 born 2016, Sire is Vespasian 25 and out of a Hillside ewe by Higher Haye 34

Please call Christine on 01980 620165 or 07990778857 for more details