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The purpose of inspection is to maintain the traditional Breed Standard as closely as possible. Those sheep which are accepted as having achieved the Breed Standard qualify for detailed entry into the Association Flock Book.

Members may have a lamb inspection in the Autumn.

Inspectors will hope to visit new members, the purpose of visiting these flocks is to be able to offer any advice regarding the successful breeding of Dartmoor sheep. If any new member feels that they would gain from such a visit sooner, please contact Patrick.

For 2012, Council have decided that self registration of ewe lambs will continue for 2012 in those flocks where inspectors do not visit to register ram lambs. Members will receive their Ketchum metal ewe tags for self insertion. For flocks where inspectors visit to register ram lambs, they will also be able to inspect those ewe lambs which the member has put forward for registration.

For the future, Council intends to set up venues so that members can bring their Dartmoor rams and ewes to be registered, these registration centers will be at markets or similar venues where annual inspections can be organised.

For further information please contact

Ann Willcocks
Meads Farm, Harford,
Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 0JQ
01752 892312